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Nothing is ever lost to us, as long as we remember it.

- Vishal Punjabi

The Wedding Filmer - Quotes
The Wedding Filmer - The Wedding Filmer’s New Streaming Service

Known for their fairytale-esque wedding videography, The Wedding Filmer is set to launch their own streaming service!

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The Wedding Filmer - Meet The Famous Wedding Filmer of India

Creator of some of the most beautiful and special wedding films in India, Vishal Punjabi has become synonymous with the entire wedding scene in the country!

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The Wedding Filmer - The perfect bridal entry song by TWF

Vishal Punjabi and his team at TWF created 'Chal le Chal' in 2015 - a soul-stirring version of 'Dust to Dust' which is the perfect song to play at your wedding!

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The Wedding Filmer - ‘Vekheya’ Will Make Your Hearts Flutter

Here’s the masterpiece that’ll without a doubt make a home in your hearts!

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The Wedding Filmer - A Blissful Wedding Trailer of Hope & Love

Mayesha & Sheahan’s tale of togetherness truly makes you believe in the power of prayers and the Universe fulfilling them for you!

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The Wedding Filmer - Feels Like Home

"As much as I fell in love with the man himself, it was his office-cum-studio that felt so much like home that held my heart."

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The Wedding Filmer - The Wedding Filmer on CNN

Watch my interview with Rituraj Sharma on CNN about weddings, technology and the importance of having a memory filmed the way we do.

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The Wedding Filmer - How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Videographer

The real charm is finding a quote or a moment for a feeling – the essence of what binds two people together.

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The Wedding Filmer - ‘Peer Vi Tu’ Is Finally Here

They have been giving us wedding films that are a master weave of heartiest emotions, love, surreally captured moments, and a soul of their own.

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The Wedding Filmer - 38 Questions with The Wedding Filmer

Get an insight into the world of The Wedding Filmer and the man who started it all. 

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The Wedding Filmer - Exclusive Interview with Mid-Day India

Watch my exclusive interview with Mid-Day India to know how we film weddings and create magic!

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The Wedding Filmer - A Chat With Wedding Maestro - Vishal Punjabi!

As creators of some of the best wedding films in the country, we share our cinematic vision on how to capture your wedding in the most breathtaking way possible

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The Wedding Filmer - DeepVeer’s Wedding Shot By The Wedding Filmer?

A lot of speculations have been made all over the news about “The Wedding Filmer" shooting the DeepVeer’s wedding.

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The Wedding Filmer - Wedding Film Of The Decade #Virushka

From planners, to designers, photogrgrapher & videographers; here's everyone who made Anushka & Virat's dreamy wedding a reality.

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The Wedding Filmer - How To Get The Best Budget-Friendly Wedding Film

If you're tying the knot pretty soon or harbouring dreams of having the perfect wedding, this article is going to come in handy. Happy reading!

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The Wedding Filmer - Virat & Anushka's Dreamy Wedding Set The Benchmark

"I remember constantly watching this wedding teaser on loop when it came out because it was so perfect."

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The Wedding Filmer - Exclusive Interview with The Quint

From a table in my bedroom all alone to a team of 60 today, here’s my journey of following my passion and doing what I love!

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The Wedding Filmer - Bipasha & Karan Like Never Seen Before

Everyone craves for the perfect love and when you get it you are the luckiest person on this earth! Here is Bollywood’s cutest jodi Bipasha & Karan.

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The Wedding Filmer - The Journey To Becoming The Wedding Filmer

Here's how a phone call from Shah Rukh Khan kickstarted the journey for Vishal Punjabi, the man behind The Wedding Filmer. 

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The Wedding Filmer - The Wedding Filmer On Shooting Movies & Web Series

Watch me talk about what went behind shooting Maheroo, Made In Heaven and YJHD. 

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The Wedding Filmer - Exclusive Interview with E24

Team work makes the dream work. Watch this interview with E24 and know more about how we capture moments. 

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The Wedding Filmer - Peer Vi Tu Is Finally Out

There’s love, laughter, joy, tears and all the other emotions one experiences at their wedding.

Watch the video on Youtu...

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The Wedding Filmer - A Wedding That Will Take Your Breath Away!

Don't miss out on our stunning bride sing her heart out while her groom played the piano!

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The Wedding Filmer - OMG! A Love Story Involving Pets

The video tells the story of how Raphael, from France, met his bride Ivy, from India, thanks to the help of their pets. Enjoy!

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The Wedding Filmer - This Is How You Want Your Wedding Filmed

We've been on the lookout for creative and fresh ways to make the big Indian wedding better, and Vishal Punjabi is an indie filmmaker you should know about

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The Wedding Filmer - Creatively Consistent: Best Bridal Entry Song!

The much-awaited soundtrack is finally out and it's truly mesmerising! Devangi Chopra's voice is all the magic that's needed to make any wedding special.

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The Wedding Filmer - Vishal Punjabi Answers All A Bride Needs To Know

Vishal Punjabi answers the questions on every bride & groom's mind before picking their wedding videographer.

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The Wedding Filmer - How To Shoot The Perfect Wedding FIlm

Remember the wedding sequence in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani? The Wedding Filmer, who shot it, shares videography hacks for budding filmmakers.

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The Wedding Filmer - The Team That’s Making Celeb Weddings

We all want our wedding day to be one of the most special days of our life.

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The Wedding Filmer - Made in Heaven inspired by TWF

The idea came about when Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti saw videos of India's best wedding videographers, The Wedding Filmer. 

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The Wedding Filmer - 'Bandhamey' Personalised Telugu Song By TWF

With the soulful voice of Susha, powerful composition of Kingshuk and compelling lyrics by Vishwa - Bandhamey, a new Telugu wedding song.

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- Wed Me Good

The Wedding Filmer - How Sweet It Is By Rohan Singh
After a few soulful tunes of Vekheya, we would like to re-present the same couple with a new song, only this time the singer is the groom himself!

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Milan Sai & Suraj | The Wedding Filmer

When my favourite aunt in the whole world called me to tell me there’s yet another wedding in the family, and the groom was my cousin and the bride was so gorgeous and full of life, and the planner was my favourite and the grooms dad is so handsome, how on earth could I say no? And boy am I glad I didn’t! There was magic when our brother, Shivi, sang, there was hope when our families gave praise, there was joy when the music blared and our hands and feet moved to the beats! This is Suraj & Milan Sai’s wedding! This is my family. The ones who pray hard & party harder! Or is it the other way around?

Film Credits: The Wedding Filmer

Captured by: Vishal Punjabi, Simran, Purav, Sreejith, Raj Sampad, Dwiko Arie

Trailer Edited by: Purav Solanki

Sound: Vishnu Bhat

Colorist: Kedar Patil




Qabool Hai | The Wedding Filmer

The best kind of love story is when you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.

Saanchi Gilani That’s why I went into the water ❤️.

Arpita & Kunal | The Wedding Filmer

When two of our favourite designers finally get married, it’s bound to be ethereal. Kunal looked like a modern day Nawab, and Arpita was so happy to be married, she couldn’t help sway to her mandap. Now you know why I was jumping and hopping to capture her enter!

Featuring our latest wedding song, Jaane Nahin Do (Never Let Me Go), inspired by Elvis’s Love Me Tender, sung by @devangichopra and composed by @sanjeevwadhwani & written by @shraddhasehgalmusic exclusively for The Wedding Filmer!

When love is fulfilled like this after a decade and a half, joy is inevitable.

Yeh Aashiqui | Patralekhaa & Rajkummar

In eleven years of filming weddings, I haven't been prouder of my team! When Devika Narain contacted me to film this wedding, it was pretty late in the day and the truth was we have been stretched thin with weddings piling up due to the pandemic. She arranged a meeting in his home and upon meeting them, I instantly knew this would be special. The fear of not being able to do justice was very present in my heart but Neha Sharma, Kunal Singh Abhijeet Datta and Rajit Kalra assured they had my back, and after filming the first day, I left for Paris for another shoot. The following days, they shot with respect, love and a lot of laughter, Vijay Sehgal arranged for the edit to happen exactly how it should and Sagar Desai worked his magic with a song penned by Shraddha Sehgal just for us. Their love story stood the test of time and inspired this song. This is how wedding films are made in our studio. Proof that it's not one man that makes a film,but a group of people who want only good things for the world around them.


Music Credits:

Female vocals by Devangi Chopra & Sharmistha Chatterjee
Male vocals by Vivek Hariharan & Raghav Meattle
Background vocals and Mixed & Mastered by Gaurav Chopra
Label - The Wedding Filmer

Wedding Credits:

Delightful decor by Devikanarainandcompany
Phaadu photos by Joseph Radhik
Perfect planning by A new knot
Shot on Sony Alpha

#twfclassics #twfmusic
#theweddingfilmer #yehaashiqui #rajpatra

I Wont Give Up

Dharshinee and Vishal's wedding was one of the first few we filmed after the long lockdown last year. Dharshinee got in touch with us well before COVID was a real concern. Yet as the world was thrown into uncertainty, Dharshinee was certain she would get married on her chosen day and have us there to film it.

When I finally met her in person: sweet, gentle and wise beyond her years I realised that it was with the same spirit that Vishal and she had navigated the ups and downs in their relationship- keeping an eye on what they wanted and never giving up.

And it paid off- they got married in November, with the blessings of all their loved ones and luckily for us, with us filming it! So, what did I learn from this experience? Exactly the same lesson that Dharshinee learnt from her love story…


What would happen if you fell in love with your father’s best friend?


I spy with my little eye something beautiful beginning with S! Sana, Sameer, Shaadi Squad, Shimla, Sam & Ekta, Sony, Sufi Song!
What else can you spot?


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