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Nothing is ever lost to us, as long as we remember it.

- Vishal Punjabi

The Wedding Filmer - Quotes
The Wedding Filmer - A Chat With Wedding Maestro - Vishal Punjabi!

As creators of some of the best wedding films in the country, we share our cinematic vision on how to capture your wedding in the most breathtaking way possible

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- The Peacock Magazine

The Wedding Filmer - DeepVeer’s Wedding Shot By The Wedding Filmer?

A lot of speculations have been made all over the news about “The Wedding Filmer" shooting the DeepVeer’s wedding.

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- The Quint

The Wedding Filmer - Wedding Film Of The Decade #Virushka

From planners, to designers, photogrgrapher & videographers; here's everyone who made Anushka & Virat's dreamy wedding a reality.

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- Scoopwhoop

The Wedding Filmer - Bipasha & Karan Like Never Seen Before

Everyone craves for the perfect love and when you get it you are the luckiest person on this earth! Here is Bollywood’s cutest jodi Bipasha & Karan.

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- Bollywood Shaadis

The Wedding Filmer - A Wedding That Will Take Your Breath Away!

Don't miss out on our stunning bride sing her heart out while her groom played the piano!

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- The Crimson Bride

The Wedding Filmer - OMG! A Love Story Involving Pets

The video tells the story of how Raphael, from France, met his bride Ivy, from India, thanks to the help of their pets. Enjoy!

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- Brideclubme

The Wedding Filmer - This Is How You Want Your Wedding Filmed

We've been on the lookout for creative and fresh ways to make the big Indian wedding better, and Vishal Punjabi is an indie filmmaker you should know about

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- Vogue

The Wedding Filmer - Creatively Consistent: Best Bridal Entry Song!

The much-awaited soundtrack is finally out and it's truly mesmerising! Devangi Chopra's voice is all the magic that's needed to make any wedding special.

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- PopXo

The Wedding Filmer - Vishal Punjabi Answers All A Bride Needs To Know

Vishal Punjabi answers the questions on every bride & groom's mind before picking their wedding videographer.

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- Zankyou

The Wedding Filmer - How To Shoot The Perfect Wedding FIlm

Remember the wedding sequence in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani? The Wedding Filmer, who shot it, shares videography hacks for budding filmmakers.

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- Hindustan Times

The Wedding Filmer - The Team That’s Making Celeb Weddings

We all want our wedding day to be one of the most special days of our life.

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- ScoopWhoop

The Wedding Filmer - Made in Heaven inspired by TWF

The idea came about when Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti saw videos of India's best wedding videographers, The Wedding Filmer. 

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- First Post

The Wedding Filmer - 'Bandhamey' Personalised Telugu Song By TWF

With the soulful voice of Susha, powerful composition of Kingshuk and compelling lyrics by Vishwa - Bandhamey, a new Telugu wedding song.

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- Wed Me Good

The Wedding Filmer - How Sweet It Is By Rohan Singh
After a few soulful tunes of Vekheya, we would like to re-present the same couple with a new song, only this time the singer is the groom himself!

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Kareebi Teri

You won't believe how breathtakingly beautiful this is! This couple will remind you of La La Land, except that this is from a real wedding where the bride sings and the groom plays the piano. Get ready to get goosebumps!

Keshav & Veena

'What is love?' remains the underlying question in Keshav & Veena's wedding trailer as three different generations try to answer it. And although it’s nearly impossible to capture this equivocal word into a single definition, we sure did try.

Grateful Hearts

Bipasha & Karan’s wedding was a high ride of emotions, happiness and warmth from all directions. Nothing adds to the celebration like a happy bride and a groom who makes the promise of keeping her that way! Watch their trailer below featuring the song ‘Arziyaan’, an exclusive new Hindi TWF cover of the song ‘I Get To Love You’ by Ruelle.

Ivy & Raphael

Here's a simple love story, unlike none other with all the magic you could hope for. Two gorgeous people, from two different countries, in a beautiful city, celebrating love the way it should be. Featuring ‘Meri Yaadein’, a TWF original soundtrack performed by Anushree Gupta & Raghav Meattle.


There is nothing in this world to be prized more than true friendship. If we were ever to quote Bollywood, it would be now - “Pyaar dosti hai’’; true love is friendship. P.S.: Watch out for her father making the cutest mistake ever!

Wedding Photography with Sony A7R3

Watch four of India’s best wedding photographers, Joseph Radhik, Shivali Chopra, Venkata Ramana and Amar Ramesh create breathtaking images with the Sony A7R3 and witnessed by The Wedding Filmer.


Watch the full movie:

Anushka & Virat's Wedding Video

"Anushka and Virat taught me the difference between hope and expectation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making us feel so much pride. Thank you for the respect you have shown all of us. You already know how I feel." - Vishal Punjabi.

To know more about this video and how it was made, visit our blog.


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