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Waheguru | The Wedding Filmer

July 6, 2021

A Sikh wedding (Anand Karaj) revolves around music. 4 Gyanis sing devotional songs and read from the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, beginning with an ‘Ardaas’, followed by the ‘Palle’, then the ‘Lavan’ the second ‘Ardaas’ and finally, ‘Vadaaiyaan’.

Keeping these rituals in mind, I had a good sense of how it will flow and combine that with Kingshuk’s music skills and you have Waheguru. This composition is a representation of the simplicity of a Sikh wedding, which is what makes it all the more beautiful to witness.

“The most beautiful thing about a Sikh wedding is that everyone is seated. Their focus and energy is on one and only one goal, there is one truth and that is God. In front of God and truth, you are proclaiming your love to your spouse.”


Lyrics by Shailendra Sodhi:


Ik Onkar, satnam,
There is only one God. His name is true

Karta purakh, nirbhau, Nir vair,
He is the creator, He has no fear, He has no hate

 Aakaal murat, ajooni se bhang,
He is omnipresent, unborn and self-illuminating. 

Gur parsaad. Jap.
By the Guru’s grace, He is realised. Meditate on His name.

Aad sach
He has been true since time began

Jugaad sach
He has been true since ages

Hai bhi sach
He is still true

Nanak hose bhi sach
Guru Nanak says he will forever be true

Palle jio lagi lad bani gaeya jio
The knot has been tied now…

Bhaag ne jage waheguru kirpa kio
My destiny has opened up, oh God, keep me blessed

Jind nimani sath mohe sona diyo
Be there as the anchor/support of my little soul

Sadchith sadchith nirmalman moh rakhiyo
Keep me(eternally in remembrance)  always in your pure heart

Moh rakhiyo
Keep me in remembrance


Lava chaar sang sath diya
These four rounds we take for eternal togetherness

Lava jind hayat diya
These four rounds we take for our  souls and hearts

Lava dharam karam barkat walia
These four rounds we take for  faith, good deeds and benevolence

Lava soniya meethiya jeewan bhariya

These four rounds we take for a beautiful and peaceful life

Soche soch na ho wai
By thinking you can’t frame him

Je sochi lakh waar
Even though he may think many a times

Chhupe chhup na ho wai
Even though one remains soaked in God

Je laai har lakhtaar
He doesn’t obtain the peace of mind

Bhukhiya bhukh na utri
A hungry person’s hunger doesn’t go

Je banna puriya para
Even after they attain the world

Sahasyanpa lakh woh hai
Man may possess millions of wits

Ta ek na chale naal
But none work for him before God

Ke ve sach yaara hoi aye
How can we be true

Kiv kude tutte paal
How can the screen of lies be broken

Hukum rajai chalna Nanak likheya naal
By obeying the orders of Guru Nanak

Song Credits –

Female vocals: Harshdeep Kaur
Male vocals: Devenderpal Singh
Composer: Kingshuk Chakrawarthy
Lyricist: Shailendra Sodhi
Mixed & Mastered by: Gaurav Chopra
Label: The Wedding Filmer

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