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October 16, 2023

There’s strength in rising above negativity, focusing on one’s purpose, and refusing to be swayed by the storms of misunderstanding. We create our own narratives, paint our own pictures of the world, and most importantly, we decide the values we pass on to the next generation.

In the face of adversity, it’s crucial to remember that the only opinion about your work that matters is your own. Others may not understand your passion or see the beauty in what you create – and that’s okay. As creators, we may face harsh criticism or even attempts to belittle our work, but it’s essential not to let that diminish our spirit.

We must ensure we live in truth, maintain our integrity, and continue to create. Life is too short to engage in battles that don’t inspire or enrich us. Instead, let’s use our energy to foster growth, understanding, and compassion, both for ourselves and those who might oppose us.

Let’s aspire to build bridges, not walls. After all, the most beautiful vistas are often found on the bridges we build, not the walls that isolate us.

There’s a world out there waiting to be inspired by you.

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