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Dharshinee & Vishal | The Wedding Filmer

July 22, 2021

We recently filmed this wedding during the pandemic and we wanted to share it with you, so you too can see how beautiful a small wedding can be.
Their wedding was one of the first few we filmed after the long lockdown and despite the dates getting pushed, we never gave up, which also inspired the song.
Dharshinee got in touch with us well before COVID was a real concern. Yet as the world was thrown into uncertainty, Dharshinee was certain she would get married on her chosen day and have us there to film it.

Their wedding trailer features a cover of  ‘I won’t Give Up’ by Jason Mraz, sung by The Wedding Filmer’s very own Devangi Chopra but with new lyrics fused with South Indian instruments and vocals.

We went ahead and asked  Dharshinee about her wedding and this is what she had to say:

1. Why The Wedding Filmer and how did it feel having us at your wedding?

We wanted The Wedding Filmer to capture our wedding because of the way you convey every love story beautifully. It is so pure that anyone who watches it feels like they were a part of it. We wanted to document our love story in the most real way possible and not have a cheesy wedding video.

2. We created this rendition of Jason Mraz song for you especially because you’re so special and the love you share. We hope we did justice to your story. What are your thoughts on that?

The song couldn’t have fit more perfectly for our story, After I finished telling the story, Hojo immediately told me that our love story reminded him of a song. He then played it for me and when I finished listening to the song and the lyrics, I had tears in my eyes. To say you have exceeded our expectations is an understatement!

3. How did it feel after waiting for so many years and finally tying the knot?

Truthfully, we were very sleep deprived on the day of the wedding, Vishal kept talking to me to keep me awake. But when all the festivities were over and we moved in together, I realised that nothing was drastically different except that now we lived under the same roof. We keep discovering stuff about each other here and there but that keeps it exciting. Ultimately, just to know that after everything we have been through together, that I will be living with my best friend forever makes me very happy and grateful.

4.  The perseverance and hope with which you have shown and reached here today is truly inspiring. What led you to that and I am sure it was difficult but you did it. Tell me about this experience.

Both of us are the kind of people who wouldn’t just get into a relationship if the final goal isn’t being together eternally. When we proposed our love for one another, we were sure that it’d end up in marriage. We thought it would be easy as our parents were friends but that wasn’t the case. There were many difficulties we had to face individually in our homes, where even going out together was difficult. This was going on for a long time and one day we decided that we would talk to our parents about our relationship. We asked them to get to know us before they decided to oppose, this was two years after we first told them. To our surprise, the answer was an immediate yes! Things escalated quickly from there, from meeting to marriage, it was all very fast. But through it all, we believed in our love for one another and didn’t give up on each other when things were rough. Turns out our parents only needed time to see how good we are for each other.

Do You Know?
Tiruppur is the 100th city that we’ve shot in!


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