• How Sweet It Is | A Journey From Proposal To Marriage By Rohan Singh

    May 21, 2019

    Rohan is undeniably one of the most romantic grooms we’ve ever met. After his grand proposal in London, there was little we could think of to top that. That’s when we came up with the idea to have him sing one of our favorite love songs. Rohan quickly jumped on board the idea and flew…

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  • Vekheya – Wedding Song Of The Year (2019)

    May 16, 2019

    If the past nine years have taught us anything, it’s that every relationship has its own story. In telling these stories, we find music to be a language we all understand. “Vekheya” tells a story of two strangers who see in each other God and Love.   Ajnabi ajj banya nabi, Found a stranger who…

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  • Bandhamey | Telugu Wedding Song 2019

    April 18, 2019

    There’s always uncertainty when entering a wedding space. How can we do it differently this time? When Pooja and Rajesh approached us to film their wedding we were thrilled but equally scared. In Telugu weddings, the balance of the traditional ceremony with the playfulness of the games between the bride and groom at the end,…

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  • Arziyaan – Lyrics

    March 21, 2018

    Written in Hindi for TWF by Manoj Yadav One look at you; my whole life falls in line. I pray for you: before I called you mine. I can’t believe it’s true, sometimes. I can’t believe it’s true. Jaan ban gaya tu, Bas mujhi mein dhadakta hai tu. Jaan ban gaya tu, Ruh ko saans…

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  • 11 Beautiful Bridal Entry Songs

    January 15, 2018

    Of the many paths we walk, the one down the alter will always remain the most memorable one for any woman. A ‘bridal entry song’, as has become the term these days, is in fact quite a significant choice to make. Be it a song being played on loudspeakers or sung live, the sentiment still…

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  • Arziyaan (ft. Devangi Chopra)

    January 11, 2018

    From Bipasha Basu & Karan Singh Grover’s wedding trailer, in the voice of Devangi Chopra, here’s presenting the most loved TWF soundtrack this year, Arziyaan. Created by: Vishal Punjabi Directed by: Juhii Gopalakishnan & Dhwani Shah Cinematography: Abhijit Datta Sound Engineer: Gaurav Chopra Edited by: Dhwani Shah Colorist: Stuti Babbar Cover Photography: Roshni Khatri

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  • What’s on my iPod?

    August 24, 2017

    I am a city kid. I grew up in the heart of a busy neighbourhood with big movie hoardings and tiny cement playgrounds. Obviously, I spent the better half of my free time in front of the TV. Growing up, my exposure to music was limited to what I heard in movies. Mumbai never really…

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  • Meher Teri

    July 21, 2017

    After capturing over a 100 weddings, what’s most humbling is that along with our films, the music we use has become a part of The Wedding Filmer’s identity. Making music for a wedding film requires a structure and an approach that leaves space for improvisation. As artists there are times when we can get a…

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  • What’s on my iPod?

    December 19, 2016

    At some point, between wedding films and heartbreak, I was struck by the fact that almost all of the songs I was hearing on the internet, half consciously humming along or committing to a memory were all about love. Different shades of love, yes, and different stages of it too. The heat and hunger of…

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