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Sikhs & Greeks

October 20, 2023

Rusna and Stel’s wedding – where Sikhs met Greeks – in a stunning symphony of love, music, and laughter. This was no ordinary ‘I do’; it was a ‘we do’, as our crew became family, united in capturing this wedding!
What do Sikhs and Greeks have in common? More than you might think! Both share a passion for life, a knack for throwing unforgettable parties, and a deep reverence for family bonds. Oh, and a fondness for a good drink and a spirited dance.

One prefers Feta, another swears by Paneer. They may not agree on cheese, but guess what? They both say ‘Yes, please!’ to a Big Fat Wedding. It doesn’t matter if you’re sipping Ouzo in Liverpool or Lassi in London. Witness this joyful union of Sikhs and Greeks. A love story so warm, it could melt your Feta… or Paneer, and for sure your heart! Watch their beautiful wedding trailer here.

Photography by Tali Photography.

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