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The Wedding Planner’s Wedding

October 13, 2023

From the golden groves of Valencia, came a wedding woven from the threads of dreams. Karishma, a wedding planner herself, turned her day job into her dream day, intertwining her work with her passion and lifelong wish – to have her own wedding documented by us. Her dream wasn’t just our command, it was our inspiration.

This wasn’t just a wedding; it was a melting pot of cultures – Indian, English, German and Iraqi, harmoniously merging in the verdant backdrop of an orange farm in Valencia. The ceremony itself was a vibrant and intimate affair, distinct and soulful, with Karishma’s uncle leading the rituals, and the couple taking their vows beneath a mesmerising pink floral cloud.

But what made this experience even more special was the warmth and thoughtfulness of the couple. Karishma’s gracious invite to Nikki and her relentless effort to ensure we had our moments together amidst the wedding chaos, felt like the universe conspiring to reward us with love.

This is the tale of Karishma and Namir – a testament to the fact that when you yearn for something special, work relentlessly towards it, even dreams bend to your will. This was not just a celebration of their love, but a celebration of passion, hard work and dreams coming to life. And we were privileged to frame it in our lens.

Watch their beautiful wedding trailer here.

Photography: Juanlu Rojano

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