Bandhamey | Telugu Wedding Song 2019

April 18, 2019

There’s always uncertainty when entering a wedding space. How can we do it differently this time? When Pooja and Rajesh approached us to film their wedding we were thrilled but equally scared. In Telugu weddings, the balance of the traditional ceremony with the playfulness of the games between the bride and groom at the end, makes the whole experience very special, but how do we bring out the emotions a family like this deserves?

This wedding was not only about the bride and the groom. It was much more. It was about a father wanting his daughter close to him, despite him being filled with joy that she has found her man.

On our editing table, we struggled to find music that could encompass everything we felt and the instinct was clear. This deserved a special song! And that’s how the idea to create our first ever Telugu song was born.

We flew in Susha from Chennai for her soulful voice and with a powerful composition by Kingshuk and Vishwa’s compelling lyrics, ‘Bandhamey’ was born.

The Wedding Filmer brings to you a song about the butterflies a bride feels in her stomach and the happiness she feels when she’s found the ‘one’.


Tagina jodu dorikelay

Found the right partner

Ee nijame thoche leelagaa

This very fact is like a dream come true

Yeduravutooney taanilaa

The moment he walks closer and comes across me

Naa yedaney oogey ooyala

My heart swings with happiness

Sannayiley mogey

Shahna and music is played in tune with my moods

Akshintalay vesay ooru vaada..

Rice mixed with turmeric which is used for blessing the couple is showered upon us

Aahwaaanamey palikey vedukay ilaa

This auspicious celebration has invited all the near and dear

Chetiloe cheyi vesi chesay baasalu mrolaa

We together take these auspicious wedding oaths and promises with holding each other’s hand and facing each other…

Thodu needai saagay bandhamey

This bonding shall be protective and caring one, that is what where we intend to take this relation


Performed By: Susha

Composed and Arranged By: Kingshuk Chakravarty

Music Production and Guitars By: Joell Mukherjee

Piano and Backing Vocals By: Ishan Lal

Violin By: Finix Ramdas

Mixed and Mastered By: Gaurav Chopra

Label: The Wedding Filmer

Watch the trailer here

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