Anushka & Virat’s Wedding Video

December 11, 2018

A year ago, on this day I could barely sleep. How fortunate I felt to be where I was. I proudly wore a Sufi pin on the nape of my jacket for love, hope and luck and put one on my French brother, Philippe too! Devrath has experience. He didn’t need luck. You see he’s been where Virat has too… in front of my camera. He was the first groom that got us famous. Well some what famous. Let’s not get carried away. But one thing did strike me. The realisation that every time we come together to create something, in whatever capacity, it changes the course of a whole industry in some small way. It makes me wonder what else awaits!

Anushka and Virat taught me the difference between hope and expectation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making us feel so much pride. Thank you for the respect you have shown all of us. You already know how I feel.

Thank you GC for your sound design. A credit line is not enough. Thank you for treating wedding films with the respect they deserve. You are my definition of what is good about working in this city.

Thank you Joseph, for those romantic pictures that kept the world satiated all this while! It’s nice to talk about love every now and then.

Thank you Devika for the beautiful setting and colours and beautifully thought of structures. This video wouldn’t be the same without you.

Thank you Shaadi Squad for the laughter, hugs, missed flights and free booze! But more seriously Saurabh & Tina, thank you for holding my hand through this whole process, even when I made booboos. You brushed them aside with laughter and a hug and protected me like your own. Thank you for pushing me very hard, but never too hard. It made me feel so much prouder and smarter. May goodness spread everywhere you go. Like Nutella.

Thank you Amar Khandha for your music. Creating Peer Vi Tu with you taught me so much about structure and sound! Music with you is always a discovery. I can’t wait for the world to hear everything else we have made together.

Thank you Harshdeep Kaur for your voice. I have made a friend in you and I can’t be happier!
Kingshuk, although your music is not in this video, we both know what magic awaits… thank you for being a brother, music mentor and a friend.

Who really is The Wedding Filmer? It’s not me alone. I promise you that. Thank you my team. All of you. Those who worked on this and those who didn’t. You are the reason we are The Wedding Filmer ®. I can’t wait to get onto the next love story in our new paradise.

Composed by: Amar Khandha
Written by: Sonal Wadhwa
Strings by: Tapas
Female Vocals by: Harshdeep Kaur
Male Vocals by: Mohan Kannan
Backing Vocals by: Shahzan Mujeeb
Premixed by: Abhijeet Shesh
Mixed & Mastered by: Gaurav Chopra
Label: The Wedding Filmer

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