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Meri Yaadein | The Making | Mayesha & Sheahan

January 20, 2020

“If you want to know me, you have to know my memories.” This line instantly became the brief for me to explore relationships and emotions; it didn’t hamper my creative process of writing a song and gave me an anchor to construct the song. This is the beauty of working with Vishal, he lets you be true to what you believe in”; Anushree, the composer/lyricist of the song said. She also added that this line had to be in the song, and translated it to “Mujhe jaan na ho, toh pehchaan lo Meri Yaadein”. This composition is a conversation between a couple that has decided to spend the rest of their lives together but are aware of everything that life entails; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Meri Yaadein revolves a lot around the assertive communication between the girl and the boy. It’s about honesty and about the fact that both of them need to share a great friendship, which is something Anushree believes in as well. Thus, the line-

Magar jaan le tu pyaar utna bhi mushkil nahi, agar hai bharosa, dosti pe, tu thaam le”,


Love is not that complicated; if you believe in friendship then hold on to that

 The singer of Meri Yaadein, Yashika Sikka, said, “Working with Vishal and his team is always a pleasant experience. When you meet him, you can clearly see that he is overjoyed about every project. His energy and love for what he does is infectious to say the least and it just transpires to everyone around. You instantly want to give in all you got. What is best is that while he is all overwhelmed about what he is doing, he is extremely calm too, understanding the point of view of the artistes involved and is ready to incorporate their contribution too.” This camaradarie between me and the artists is what makes our songs pure, and when singing about ‘love’, you can do anything but lie, isn’t it?

Raghav Meattle, the male singer added, “I love singing these slow love ballads. Hence, sort of comes naturally to me.” He also said that when I sing songs like Meri Yaadein I try to empathise with the characters’ emotion and it comes through organically. Yashika also said that, when I was singing “Meri Yaadein”, I realised it is as “real” as it gets. Two people making a promise to grow old together, and committing to a lifetime of togetherness. No fairytale, no fictional poem/ novel, but two REAL life characters. So it was like all my questions being answered, most of them, affirmatively, and a smile came through.

 Anushree wrote this song in the way she perceives relationships and she said that Vishal’s trust in her helped her write this song with the clarity she did, but what turned this collaboration into this beautiful composition is the unsaid communication between Vishal, the composer and the singers.

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