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Editor’s Note | Mayesha & Sheahan

January 18, 2020

Fulfilling their parents’ desires while staying true to the wedding they wanted, Mayesha and Sheahan had a Nikah in Bangladesh and then a white wedding in Bali where they exchanged vows. They saw their wedding for what it was – a celebration of their love. And they did it their way. With a story this rich in emotion, my approach to the film was to let their story guide the narrative. On her birthday she prays to find the man of her dreams. He looks at the stars and wonders if there’s someone out there for him. Within a week they meet and fall in love. No one could have scripted it better! 

One of my favourite songs from The Wedding Filmer’s library, Meri Yaadein, speaks not only about the past that has shaped you into the person you are, but also the memories tomorrow will hold, of the life you are living today. Seeing Mayesha and Sheahan together, it would be clear to anyone that they have a life filled with beautiful memories ahead of them. A prayer made in earnestness is never ignored. Or in Sheahan’s words, “If you put out good vibes out in the universe, the universe has got your back.”  


Editor: Jenish Maru 

Watch the video on Youtube:  Mayesha & Sheahan

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