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Peer Vi Tu | Sufi Wedding Song | The Wedding Filmer

January 4, 2020

Peer Vi Tu is a representation of my love for Sufi music. The lyrics and arrangement, the voices and the composition make it a song about an all-encompassing love, which isn’t frivolous but divine. It is reminiscent of the words in my favourite book, 40 Rules of love and is centered around Rumi & Shams of Tabriz

“The Whirling dervish and the Sufi love we witnessed in Anushka & Virat’s wedding visuals was what inspired this song. The words Peer Vi Tu echo in Sufism all around. We just presented it with purpose” said Amar Khandha.

We asked Harshdeep about her experience of making this song and she replied, “Vishal understands emotions so beautifully and knows how to convey them through music and cinema. He gave me complete freedom to interpret the song in my way & Peer Vi Tu is one of my most favourite songs that I’ve sung.”

Amar said that Harshdeep sang it like she was singing with all divinity at the Golden Temple and that’s how it turned out to be so divine & honest, to which she responded, “When I get to sing soul stirring songs like Peer Vi Tu, it gives me immense joy that I can’t explain but I guess I do express it through my singing. I’m so grateful to the audience for giving so much love to this song.”



By Sonal Wadhwa

Ishq wargey, te, Ishq hi palley
They (lovers) are (like) love,

Ishq hi disda, Jede ishq ich jhalley
All they see is love, ‎those who are mad in love.

Rooh vi teri,
The very soul is yours

Main vi tera, rabba
I (body) am yours, my lord!

Dillan wich tera hi basera
For you reside in our hearts. 

Mele aasaan de
All our desires

 Ghedey saahan dein
And the cycle of breath

 Tethon, pyaareya!
Is because of you, my loved one!

Ve Peer vi tu
You are the spiritual guide

Piyaar vi tu
You are love

 Deen vi tu
You are the way of life 

 Imaan vi tu
You are my faith

Ve meet vi tu
You are my beloved

Preet vi tu
You are lovingness

Mainda Yaar vi tu
You are my friend

Qaraar vi tu!
You are the quietude! 

Ishq lagan o lagee
The passion of this love is such

Laggey jiven yaar bulainda
I feel as if he is calling me

Kaashi ton, Kaaba ton
Even in comparison to Kaashi & Qaaba (holy places)

Uchcha saanu yaar disainda!
I feel my beloved is the ultimate!

Music Credits:

Female Vocals: Harshdeep Kaur

Male Vocals: Mohan Kannan, Shahzan Mujeeb

Music Composer: Amar Khandha

Lyricist: Sonal Wadhwa

Mixed & Mastered by: Gaurav Chopra

Label: The Wedding Filmer


Watch Peer Vi Tu on Youtube.






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