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December 8, 2022

Tina & Saurabh (Shaadi Squad)

Wedding planners to Anushka & Virat, Nayanthara & Vignesh, Varun & Natasha, Farhan & Shibani and so many more, you can trust them to have your back on your wedding days. 

They are kind, considerate and honest and their only interest is in making sure everyone is stress free and the wedding goes off smoothly! Tina and Saurabh are those planners that will stand by you and follow up with your videographer, months after the wedding is done, just to make sure you are happy with everything that transpired. 

Don’t assume that because they have the world’s most beautiful and famous people on their speed dial, they won’t take your call. When you’re in their company, they give you their 100%. Nothing else matters. Tina and Saurabh are the most approachable people I know!

In order to ensure they do a great job, they take up work exclusively and sparingly so consider yourself extremely fortunate if you get a meeting with Tina herself!

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