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December 9, 2022

Innayat ( Innaz Communique)

Getting married in South East Asia? He’s your man with a plan!

A father, a husband, a son, a brother and a great friend, Innayat always puts himself in your shoes before each event and has proved how dedicated he is to his craft of wedding planning! Despite doing this for 20 years, his fire hasn’t dimmed. It’s only grown brighter and stronger! His team of friends like family are always by his side! Between Powerful Prerna (his wife),  Dynamic Danny (sound & light), Vintage Vikram aka Bevraj, Awesome Ashita (Client Servicing and showrunner) and Gastro Girish (Queen’s Catering), you’re always well fed and informed!

How can we tell the planners are listening and they care? It’s all in the small details. We have our base station (Punjabi Pod) setup and ready before each event! The lighting team always involves us in their plans, they put us up as close to the bride and groom as possible. Their lights don’t flicker. Their LED walls are high refresh rate means they actually look good on camera!

They don’t work to their convenience. They plan so that their vendors and clients are comfortable.

Most importantly, they are straight up when it comes to financial dealings! Now that’s why every film we make with them is a hit!

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