Tanisha & Nikhar

December 12, 2016


Growing up is an age of firsts. First friend, first fight, first job, and then there’s first love. Our first encounter with love always remains special because despite the path it took, it was the very first time we experienced innocent, unabashed and truthful love. Some of us hold on to this memory as one our defining points in life; and some lucky others get to spend the rest of their lives with their first loves. Nothing compares to having that one person by your side at all times from childhood through the confusing and sometimes scary adulthood. It would be a grave injustice to try and define such a love with words. Because the day it can be defined, is the day it gets a limit. And for some, love is limitless.
On Tanisha & Nikhar’s marriage anniversary, here’s sharing the trailer for their beautiful wedding film.

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