How Sweet It Is | A Journey From Proposal To Marriage By Rohan Singh

May 21, 2019

Rohan is undeniably one of the most romantic grooms we’ve ever met. After his grand proposal in London, there was little we could think of to top that. That’s when we came up with the idea to have him sing one of our favorite love songs. Rohan quickly jumped on board the idea and flew from Singapore to Mumbai to lend his voice to a rendition of How Sweet It Is by James Taylor.

From Vishal’s Desk:

Rohan’s goal was simple. He didn’t care about anything else but seeing his team-mate happy. Team-mate, the word he used to describe his relationship, struck a chord because according to me, that’s what your partner should be. It takes teams of two to build an outstanding life and I knew I liked this boy because of his deep love for life and happiness. There was no way Rohan’s Singh’s wedding video wasn’t going to be special.

He spoke with honesty and conviction and in one conversation on camera with him, his devotion was evident. He changed for her, he worked hard for her and he danced for her (he practiced his steps in front of his bathroom mirror in the office). He did all this with conviction and in the process taught me the key ingredient to making life special. Doing everything with complete conviction.

I decided to create something new around James Taylor’s version because as beautiful as the original was, I felt it needed to be slower. That way, the words and what they mean would really sink in. Because of the sweet, playful lyrics, Neha, my producer, instantly said, “Why don’t we ask Rohan to sing a version of this for Radhika?”.

With help from Kingshuk, Billy, and Sumit, Rohan belted out the melody with all the love he had in him which is why when you finish watching this video you cannot help but smile ear to ear and say ‘How Sweet!”



Song Credits for How Sweet It Is:-

Singer: Rohan Singh

Music: Kingshuk Chakravarty

Lyricist: Sumit Kohli

Guitars: Bily

Label: The Wedding Filmer


Watch their entire wedding video on YouTube. 

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