Mallika & Rahul | Jind Mahi | The Wedding Filmer

Mallika & Rahul | 2022

Every once in a while, we get to film a wedding that gives ‘scale’ a whole new meaning! But bigger than the events was the heart of this groom. We all found a brother in Rahul! He’s the only groom in the whole world who still calls me ‘Bhaiya’.

Happy happy anniversary Rahul & Malika! May both of you always be the glue to your family! Thank you for sharing this clip with the whole world.

Film Credits: The Wedding Filmer

Captured By: Gauri Deo, Vishal Punjabi, Raj Sampad, Sreejith PS, Kashinath Sangare, Bhavik Kadecha, Arun Rai, Rajit Karla, Vishnu Tenkalaya, Satish Amberkar

Edited By: Gauri Deo, Vijay Kumar Singh

Colorist: Kedar Patil

Sound: Vishnu Bhat


Music Credits:

Jind Mahi

Label: The Wedding Filmer
Composed by: Kingshuk Chakravarty
Lyrics: Shellee
Music Production: Mayank Chaudhary, Vishal Punjabi
Male Vocals: Kingshuk Chakravarty, Jaspreet Jasz
Female Vocals: Roshni Saha
Mix & Mastered by: Gaurav Chopra

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