Yeh Aashiqui | Patralekhaa & Rajkummar

Yeh Aashiqui | Patralekhaa & Rajkumaar | 2021

In eleven years of filming weddings, I haven't been prouder of my team! When Devika Narain contacted me to film this wedding, it was pretty late in the day and the truth was we have been stretched thin with weddings piling up due to the pandemic. She arranged a meeting in his home and upon meeting them, I instantly knew this would be special. The fear of not being able to do justice was very present in my heart but Neha Sharma, Kunal Singh Abhijeet Datta and Rajit Kalra assured they had my back, and after filming the first day, I left for Paris for another shoot. The following days, they shot with respect, love and a lot of laughter, Vijay Sehgal arranged for the edit to happen exactly how it should and Sagar Desai worked his magic with a song penned by Shraddha Sehgal just for us. Their love story stood the test of time and inspired this song. This is how wedding films are made in our studio. Proof that it's not one man that makes a film,but a group of people who want only good things for the world around them.


Music Credits:

Female vocals by Devangi Chopra & Sharmistha Chatterjee
Male vocals by Vivek Hariharan & Raghav Meattle
Background vocals and Mixed & Mastered by Gaurav Chopra
Label - The Wedding Filmer

Wedding Credits:

Delightful decor by Devikanarainandcompany
Phaadu photos by Joseph Radhik
Perfect planning by A new knot
Shot on Sony Alpha

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