Fools Rush In

Gopalika & Dhruv | 2021

There are so many layers to this glimpse of Gopalika and Dhruv’s first dance to ‘Fools Rush In’ on their wedding night!
From the time the champagne pops at the exact moment the guitars kick in, to the way they hold each other when they dance as Devangi Chopra declares - only the foolish fall in love quickly - in song. How comforting to know that’s their exact same story!
“It is impossible to find the forever wala kind of love in just three months!” Gopalika states!
“Would it be a sin?” the song asks.
And then the way Gopalika looks at Dhruv and smiles, ‘I can’t help’ but feel my heart become full!
Devangi’s father, Gaurav Chopra lent his voice for the Alaap making it even more special because that’s when the layers of a father-daughter relationship unfold in the visuals. We see her father and her exchange kisses before she holds Dhruv’s hand, with certainty, as her father looks on with approval and pride.
We witness her Hindu wedding, with three of the most relevant steps.The promise around the fire, the gold necklace around her neck and the colour red in her ‘maang’.

If the love you film is real, you’ll find ideas and connections in abundance!
Can you spot more layers in this video?

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