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Milan Sai & Suraj | Teaser | The Wedding Filmer

January 11, 2023

When my favourite aunt in the whole world called me to tell me there’s yet another wedding in the family, and the groom was my cousin and the bride was so gorgeous and full of life, and the planner was my favourite and the grooms dad is so handsome, how on earth could I say no? And boy am I glad I didn’t! There was magic when our brother, Shivi, sang, there was hope when our families gave praise, there was joy when the music blared and our hands and feet moved to the beats! This is Suraj & Milan Sai’s wedding! This is my family. The ones who pray hard & party harder! Or is it the other way around?

With music that moves your soul and storytelling with purpose, The Wedding Filmer comes with the crew, infrastructure and experience to create a film that’s not just your memory, but also your legacy.

Tap on the link to watch the teaser: http://

Watch the full video on our ‘Work’ page

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