The Wedding Filmer Journey

November 11, 2016


What you want may not always be what you get to do. We have all heard the phrase ‘It’s not the destination, it’s the journey that matters’ much too often. But what about the journey is so appealing? Is it about learning lessons? Getting back up when you fall? Is it the uncertainty of the path unknown or is it about the surprises the future holds? Maybe all of them; and then a little more.
The “more” without which none of the above would move. That is the driving force. A mysterious and strong, yet an inviting force that pulsates through you and makes you want to just keep going. It introduces exciting anticipation and there is nothing you want more than to feel one with this force; to bring it to its highest, to its conclusion, to its destination. And it is at this culmination point where it leaves you feeling most human and most satisfied.
So that is why the journey matters, because without it the destination has no meaning. Don’t worry about finding the roads less traveled. Just keep traveling on your own path, and when you look back, it’ll be a journey.

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