Sony Rx0 – TWF Tutorial

May 1, 2018


As a filmmaker, you are always exploring different forms of storytelling. Being a wedding filmmaker is no exception, especially when there are so many other people doing the same thing you do. The only way to grow is to do something differently, and switch the point of view without taking away from the purpose of the film.

At workshops we frequently talk about editing and how different approaches can change the mood of the film. The same applies to cinematography. Most of us are used to capturing weddings in a certain cinematic manner which is now known as “candid videography”. Changing the way we shoot can equally dictate the treatment. And with so many people making identical wedding films, maybe a shift in perspective isn’t such a bad idea.

The Sony Rx0 has a lot of features that a DSLR would have and gives you commendable creative control. What made it different for us was the opportunities it presented, by virtue of it’s size. We had the freedom to place ourselves in angles that weren’t previously thought of, without compromising on the quality. While we’re still trying to adopt this camera to the best of it’s potential, here’s a tutorial that should help you get started with understanding it’s capabilities.

Produced by: The Wedding Filmer
Directed By: Dhwani Shah
Executive Producer: Neha Sharma
Shot By: Sumer Verma, Abhijit Datta, Vikas Munipalle, Kunal Singh, Vishnu Tenkayala, Dhwani Shah
Underwater Stylist: Sana Sharma (one fashion consultancy), Nimisha Jadhav, Anuja Ambardekar
Edited By: Jenish Maru
Graphics: Zenish Mehta
Colourist: Stuti Babbar
Sound Engineer: Gaurav Chopra
Created By: Vishal Punjabi

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