Sony A7S II – TWF Tutorial

May 27, 2017


A storyteller’s most important instrument for making a film is the camera. It translates the thought on-screen and hugely affects how powerful the narrative can be. Good ideas sometimes go unnoticed because they are badly told; and there is nothing more pitiful for an artist than not having his vision unfold the way he imagined.

Young, budding filmmakers are often faced with the big question of which camera to use. We, here at The Wedding Filmer, are in the business of documenting real life. Our films are entirely based upon how beautifully memories can be captured and retold, which makes that question a pretty damn important one.

With so many consumer cameras so easily available in the market, choosing the right one can get a little confusing. But that’s where we’d like to help you.

Watch the Sony A7S II tutorial to know why this camera ranks number one in our equipment. If you want to learn more about our gear or the engaging style of storytelling, attend a workshop in a city near you and have your questions answered one on one.

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