Confessions of A Hacker

June 18, 2020

On Wednesday, 20th of May 2015… it came to our notice that Mr. Raonak Hathiramani of Recall Pictures has been hacking into The Wedding Filmer’s company email not for one day or one week, but for over 5-6 months and not only harassing clients but also deleting emails and proof from clients who would write back to us to complain. He was given sensitive information by an ex-employee of ours, Ms. Anusha Lalwani who was fired from our services in 2014. They have not only caused a huge amount of data loss and possibly caused some of you to think we never replied to you, pretended to be Vishal in some of his emails, but also exploited our implicit trust and faith, as well as that of people who love this company and have followed our work or been filmed by us or hoped to film with us someday.

It is with a very heavy heart that we are putting this announcement out today because The Wedding Filmer has always taken pride in being pioneers that opened up an entirely new and exciting space for talented filmmakers and photographers, and have promoted working with originality, integrity, and passion and we don’t think anyone needs to ever compromise on their ethical standards to do good work.

Mr. Hathiramani has confessed to all these nefarious and illegal activities when confronted on Wednesday, including naming all those involved on camera.

Click here to see the FIR and Chargesheet.

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