Khushnaseeb Hun | Vipasha & CJ

Vipasha & CJ | 2020

What the world needs now, is stories like this. Rahul would do anything to make his daughter’s dream come true, and so when Vipasha told him she wanted The Wedding Filmer, he flew his own plane to Mumbai to meet me and see what the fuss was all about and we became friends instantly, which made making this film so special. Vipasha and her mum came to Mumbai too, and she expressed a desire to sing at her Sangeet, but she didn’t want a Bollywood song. It didn’t take me long to realise the keyword after she told me about Chan. Vipasha is a very fortunate girl. Her father did make her dreams come true. And then there’s CJ, who loves and adores her for who she is! He lived his whole life, more or less alone but in Vipasha, he found someone he could share his life with, and not have to ‘adjust & compromise’ as Mrs. Taparia would define what a marriage is. According to CJ, marriage is being there, even when the sky falls! Which is such an unusual song to use for a wedding video considering the original source is a James Bond film! But Usha Uthup sang it live at the wedding and every word seemed so apt and oh so dramatic! If this isn’t a highlight what is?

Featuring a #TWFOriginal “Khushnaseeb Hun” sung by the gorgeous bride Vipasha Sharma, “Mai Ni Meriye” by Lost Stories ft. Jonita Gandhi & Ashwin Adwani, and a cover of Adele’s “Skyfall”.

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