I Wont Give Up

I Won't Give Up | Dharshinee & Vishal | The wedding Filmer | 2021

Dharshinee and Vishal's wedding was one of the first few we filmed after the long lockdown last year. Dharshinee got in touch with us well before COVID was a real concern. Yet as the world was thrown into uncertainty, Dharshinee was certain she would get married on her chosen day and have us there to film it.

When I finally met her in person: sweet, gentle and wise beyond her years I realised that it was with the same spirit that Vishal and she had navigated the ups and downs in their relationship- keeping an eye on what they wanted and never giving up.

And it paid off- they got married in November, with the blessings of all their loved ones and luckily for us, with us filming it! So, what did I learn from this experience? Exactly the same lesson that Dharshinee learnt from her love story…

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