Saanchi & Shahaan | Qabool Hai | The Wedding Filmer

Saanchi & Shahaan | 2023

Happy real anniversary Saanchi & Shahaan! If there was ever a couple made for each other, it’s the two of you. Thank you for being the best of you every time you’re with us. Thank you for inspiring all of us & Thank you for sharing a small piece of your wedding video with the world. Presenting The Wedding Filmer’s ‘Qabool Hai’ in all its glory!

Filmed by: Vishal Punjbai, Sai Gunuranjan and P.S.Sreejith

Trailer Edited by: Harsh Makwana

Color Correction by: Kedar Patil

Sound design by: Vishnu Bhat


Featuring The Wedding Filmer's 'Qabool Hai'

Label: The Wedding Filmer

Composed by: Kingshuk Chakravarty

Written by: Shradha Singh

Male Vocals: Raja Hasan and Vivek Hariharan

Female Vocals: Yashika Sikka 

Mixed & Mastered by: Mayank Chaudhary

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