Jenish Maru

Editor & Cinematographer

'Jenny' is what you would call beauty with brains! A man of few words, trust him to tell your love story as beautifully as possible with technical finesse comparable to none. With skills both in front and behind the camera, Jenish knows what it takes to bring the magic alive.

What event in your life will make a good movie?
I think, the way I met my wife, how we fell in love and eventually got married. Definitely worth making a drama film.

If you've had three wishes granted, what would they be?
1. Rewind > Play > Pause > Fast Forward Time. (Where I can actually be in that moment and have a look at it in real time.)
2. More Love and more Peace in the world.
3. Grant 3 more wishes. :p

What secret conspiracy would you like to start?
That's a Secret Conspiracy. :)

Best part of filming weddings?
Travel and Food :p. But, the emotions running in the families of an Indian wedding. I love capturing the Bride and the Groom committing to each other. So many different traditions, rituals, cultures but one common thing that bides and gets everyone together that is LOVE.