Vishal Punjabi

Founder & Director

Originally from Accra, Ghana, Vishal worked in advertising and films before starting The Wedding Filmer in 2010. Known as the 'Human Jukebox' by some of us in the office, he continues to make spectacular wedding films, some of the best Indian contemporary love songs and inspires everyone in his wake!

One thing anyone would always find in your kitchen?
Lots of fresh fruits, veggies herbs and olive oil. All the travelling does help keep it well stocked!

If you had one week to live, which country would you spend it in and with who?
With my son in Ghana, for the music, the smiles, the food and that feeling of being home.

Which superpower would you want?
The ability to go back in time armed with what I know today. Imagine how much fancier our wedding films would be!

Best part of filming weddings?
When my Apple Watch starts buzzing cause it's telling me my heart is racing because I have just witnessed something beautiful on my editing table.