Kavya Sharma


From filming weddings of Arabian princesses to designing and executing the cinematography of the Indian version of 'The Office' with an all woman crew, Kavya Sharma has done it all. A climber and sportswoman at heart, she manages to surprise us every time with her delicately designed shots which she executes to precision using all her experience. The best part is she strives to do better every single time... And she always does!

The most beautiful place you've seen through your lens?
I like chaos/ life in my frames, so I would say, the streets of Bangkok.

What kind of a cult would you like to start?
A cult for adrenaline junkies to chase crazy adventures together.
If not a Cinematographer what would you be?
Probably a travel writer.

If you had a time machine, would you go ahead in time or behind? Why?
I would go back in time so that I could shoot on film format for longer and watch David Bowie in concert.

What is the best part of filming weddings? 
Being able to experience one of the most joyous and intimate moments of a persons life.