Neha Sharma

Producer & Director

Consider your memories told to perfection if you have Neha Sharma at your wedding. Be it on shoot or at the office, Neha is everybody's go-to person for little things or big. She is a wonderful film-maker and might just end up being the unexpected bridesmaid at your wedding!

What is your favourite song of all time?
It changes with the seasons and my mood. I particularly enjoy either really sentimental love songs or stuff I can belt out at the top of my lungs (think 'somebody that I used to know' concert style in a car! That's my jam) :)

What piece of media changed the way you viewed the world and in what way?
Books! They took me to places, introduced me to cultures and gave me an insight into a world outside of my tiny one.

If you were send to live on a space station for three months and only allowed three personal items, what would they be?
A fully loaded kindle (only because I can't carry enough books), music and a journal.

What is the best part of filming weddings?
The amazing people we meet, the friendships we forge and the places we travel to!