Gagandeep Singh

Editor & Cinematographer

Don’t be fooled by that innocent smile, Gagan’s films will leave you with goosebumps often times than not. Given his finesse at remixing music in the films he makes, we’re most surprised that he hasn’t already taken to being a part-time DJ. With years of experience working in Bollywood, Gagan will make sure your wedding film looks like a ‘movie’ in all regards.

Anyone person, dead or alive, who inspires you?
My father, J.P. Singh Kaka because he has a great sense of humour.

Do you believe God exists? Is he a man or a woman?
Yes, God exists. Before marriage parents are your God and after marriage your soulmate becomes one. :p

What piece of media changed the way you viewed the world? In what way?
Hands down its because of ‘movies’. For me, movies were a paradigm shift, and the movies that had a great influence on me were "Happy Days" by Sekhar Kammula and "Amelie" by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. It changed the way I used view the world at a younger age. I felt so positive and a layer of feel good emotions that were hidden suddenly came to life. Making everyone happy is my way of giving back to the world and it was all because of my love for movies & filmmaking i am able to see that.

Best part of filming weddings?
The Feel good aspect of life you get to experience. The celebration, the happy faces and a life so good to be real makes the wedding filming a very rare and good experience. It's like a detox of emotions or an escape from real world cause it's unreal for me till now.