Rahul Gulabani


When he’s not too busy being every camera’s muse, Rahul manages to be bring out each emotion with utmost elegance in the films he makes (even the ones who you didn’t see yourself!). If he’s editing your film, rest assured it’s going to have something original to inspire all of us and the meanest afterparty videos you’ve seen ever. 

Which superpower do you want to have?
I would want to fly! I always wanted to become a pilot but I never liked Physics and Maths. So if I would have any one superpower I would like to be Superman.

All time favourite movie?
Gravity (I love science fiction genre). It is one of the best sci-fi movie ever according to me. The music, the screenplay, the concept, you literally feel like you were there in space and returned on earth after so long.

If you could be any one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Sadhguru. He is one of the amazing person I have ever seen on this plane. He has such a calm soul. I wish to be like him someday in some lifetime.

If you had time machine, would you go ahead in time or behind?
I would go ahead in time. Past, I have seen and already have the memory of it. I am really curious to know about my future, how does life look like in the near future, I would know I am gonna get married to and I'll come back in the present and find that girl. :)