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What’s on my iPod?

February 13, 2020

This year, I choose happiness. Happiness is a choice you make to yourself every single day of your life because YOLO! Eating a home cooked meal makes me happier than ordering in. Thrashing Arjun at FIFA makes me happier than an early night.

We all have different ideas of what happiness looks or feels like but what better way than music to experience and sustain happiness? It soothes when needed, evokes emotions, provides a bridge connecting individuals who might have nothing else in common. Whether you’re creating it or listening to it, music simply adds to your happiness. It’s therapy and a true stairway to heaven!

Here’s sharing some happiness with you 🙂

1. Latthay di Chaadar | Hari & Sukhmani – My favourite Punjabi happy cute song.

2. Ain’t Love Somethin’ | Sam & Ruby – It makes you want to cuddle on a cold night.

3. Ophelia | Roo Panes – Moving and uplifting. This song takes you where you want to go.

4. Build Me Up Buttercup | The Foundations – An evergreen happy classic that keeps your head bobbing.

5. Hold My Girl | George Ezra – Sway to this song and imagine being held.

6. Stay With Me | Angus & Julia Stone – Soft whispers into your ear.

7. Jamaica Farewell | Harry Belafonte – My favourite song to share with Sufi (my son).

8. Beautiful Girl | William Fitzsimmons – That song you want to sing to her.

9. Respirar | Bebe – Sung by the woman of my dreams and the inspiration behind Meri Yaadein.

10. My Happiness | John & Fiona Prine – That perfect song for the candle light dinner and dance.

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