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Vekheya | Sikh Wedding Song

February 4, 2020

“Vekheya” narrates the blossoming of love between two people who are whole and when they come together, it’s even more fulfilling. It talks about how love can become your prophecy and bring you closer to God.

The lyrics of the song:

Ajnabi ajj banya nabi

Found a stranger who is like a messenger of God

The unknown feeling that makes your heart feel whole and the one person who becomes god sent for you. “She was definitely god sent for me”, said Danny, a TWF groom for his bride Ishita.

The brief by Vishal, “How after meeting somebody you evolve as a person, not only externally but internally too and that stranger brings you closer to god was so precise that the first line of the song came immediately to me”, said Sumit Kohli, the lyricist.

Love enters your life unexpectedly. “Vishal has a cinematic vision to love, and he does it best with real people and emotions. This is a god’s gift to him and that’s his talent and I have never seen anyone describe love so beautifully”, said Jaspreet Jazz, the singer of ‘Vekheya’. This is how love feels when you finally meet the one.

Saansein hunn nachdi firey, dhadkan hunn tapdi firey

My breath dances, my heart jumps with joy

Asees Kaur

This song was Kingshuk Chakravarty’s first association with The Wedding Filmer and when asked about it, he jokingly replied, “It all happened by accident actually, I had just moved into my new studio (same building as the old TWF office). Ummm, I littered the corridor with some packing boxes and guess what, in walks Vishal screaming why is there such a mess outside and as he walked inside the studio he just stopped. He went oh…! Recording studio… oh! Do you make songs … Oh! Will you make me a song?”, thus started the journey of many more compositions.

Vishal and Kingshuk

Kingshuk co-composed this song with Joell who also sang it, he said, “I always believe that the composer is the best performer of his or her own song so it was not difficult to get the feel right in the very first time.” This song unfolds the connection between God & Love.

“Vekheya” tells a story of two strangers who see in each other God and Love.

Visit our YouTube to listen to Vekheya.


Song Credits:

Music: Kingshuk chakravarty

Lyrics: Sumit Kohli

Female Vocals: Asees Kaur

Male vocals: Joell Mukherjii

Backing vocals: Jaspreet Jasz

Music production: Joell Mukherjii

Mixed and mastered by: Gaurav Chopra

Label: The Wedding Filmer

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