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Shifting Focus feat. Hojo

January 14, 2017

Every place we visit is going to be unique in terms of its look, character and ambiance. Long after one returns from their travels, they may forget the smell and the sand of a beach in spring, the awe of gazing for the first time upon the mountains they drove so long to find, the caress of a tropical summer breeze, the laughter shared with friends, or the simple adrenaline in the anticipation of it all! A photograph needs to open a window to the past, to trigger the long forgotten memories and take one back to that time from the frame.

A brother to The Wedding Filmer, Hojo has been on the bandwagon, travelling the world with us since the beginning. He brings with him not just years of experience in Bollywood but an unmatched ability to turn every frame into a piece of art. Here are some of his photographs, capturing one mood at a time.

Shifting Focus 10 Shifting Focus 1

Shifting Focus 3Shifting Focus 2
Shifting Focus 4Shifting Focus 5 Shifting Focus 6

Shifting Focus 9Shifting Focus 8


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