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Misconceptions about The Wedding Filmer

February 24, 2020

Who’s your Wedding Filmer?

Its synonymous to videography, like Xerox is to photocopying. We are The Wedding Filmer, we shoot wedding movies. Every single day, we have enquiries pouring in from across the globe asking us to shoot their big day. Ten years into the wedding industry, we have hands-on experience on everything that entails shooting a beautiful memory. We believe in giving our clients the best cinematic experience, for them to have something to look back at years from when it happened.


For those that don’t know much about us, there could be many misconceptions. After reading this, we hope it will give you a better understanding of our working style.


Why TWF?

Because every love story deserves to be told the way we do. You would want your memories told with respect and sensitivity. A film is made by film makers and many ‘Filmers’ out there are either photographers or people who like making films like us and would like to imitate us, but that doesn’t make them film makers. The processes we create, from the time of planning, to delivery is very different and it is with this understanding and talent that makes our films different. No two films of ours are the same simply because no two love stories are the same.

  1. We only do celebrity weddings?

Absolutely not. We get enquires every day, each different from the other. We read every story and request. Every wedding film is tailored to your needs and we do our best to give you a film worth your investment and more. We love what we do, whether it’s an exotic destination or a simple ceremony at home.


  1. It isn’t easy to get in touch with The Wedding Filmer.

It is easy to reach out to us. It could be Instagram DM’s, Facebook, emails, or best, through the contact form on our website. If you are serious about booking us, or want a quotation, be sure to read the FAQ page on our website first and write with all the information we need for us to consider your booking (Dates, Size of Wedding, Kind of Wedding, Location, Contact Details and more). The more information you give us, the more detailed and prompt our emails will be. We may be unable to respond to emails that aren’t written with all the information we need.


  1. We are extremely expensive?

Producing a film is like doing up a home or planning a holiday. How good the experience usually depends on how much you would like to spend. The Wedding Filmer has been doing this for a decade now and to make this sustainable and consistent, costs play a huge factor in our participation in a wedding. There will be always someone who will do it cheaper but good things come to those who appreciate the details. The wedding dress will be worn once, but the wedding film has the potential to preserve time.



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