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Mayesha | A TWF Bride | Testimonial

February 18, 2020

Watching my wedding film with Neha, Vishal and Kunal, and some of our closest friends made the experience an unforgettable one. We were able to appreciate the film from so many different perspectives that it really felt like we were reliving our Engagement and Wedding. The film is outstanding and beyond what Sheahan and I could have ever hoped for. Just the way the TWF team was able to capture, pick out and edit the moments that truly mattered to us and compile them in a way that really helps us cherish these beautiful memories – is a true testament to the talent that worked on our film. Honestly, we are blessed to have had such a brilliant team, and this is all thanks to Neha.

Meri Yaadein was a completely unexpected and welcome surprise! We had no idea that this was going to happen until we saw the trailer. My husband is in love with the song and is constantly humming it – and that in it says a lot about how beautiful and catchy the tune is. The song is extremely heart-warming and cheerful, and the lyrics beautifully align with how Sheahan & I fell in love. “Yaadein, kal ki baatein, dhoond le tu, pyaar karte karte” is something I believe in and I remember I would make sure Sheahan and I spent hours learning about each other, sharing each other’s stories and memories – even talking about the circumstances in which we had met and how we fell in love – because without knowing each other’s memories, how can you truly love and appreciate someone?

So, it makes us feel extremely grateful to be associated with such a great song.

Watch the video on Youtube.

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