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Madhi Tega Murisay | Telugu Wedding Song Lyrics| Poojitha & Harish

April 26, 2020

“Back in the day when I was in my college, my friend and I came across this video on YouTube. It was a beautiful wedding film made by Vishal Punjabi.

It was just like how Ted from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ says, “It was like something from an old movie where the sailor sees the girl across the crowded dance floor, turns to his buddy and says “See that girl? I’m gonna marry her someday.”

I turned to my friend and said “The day I get married, it is going to be shot by The Wedding Filmer.”

So the first thing that I did when I decided to get married was to pick up the phone and contact them. To my surprise, the response was quick and they wanted to know our story; everything after that was a cake walk.

Vishal is a man who creates magic. His vision, the way he captures the emotions is just beautiful and his music is not just a background score to your wedding film, it is about you and the love you share. It’s about how you feel.” – Poojitha

This is a love story of hope, perseverence and trust. Harish knew that Poojitha was the one for him within a few weeks; the simplicity and truth that they share with each other inspired us to create a song for them.

‘Madhi Tega Murisay’, is a song about feeling content in the presence of the one you love.

These are the lyrics to the song:

Nindu roopamedho

(His presence and his demeanor)

Voopey voogisalloe

(Is putting my mind in oscillation)

Tadabaate ayye naalo nedaelo…

(I feel little flummoxed )

Doley saagey loloe…

(these feelings are travelling with me)

Aunu kaadulalloe…

(In these yes or no’s)

Naa yedhaloe taane thongey yemooloe…

(He has somehow got into my thinking)

Aa navve divvai poochi

(His radiant smile )

Naa madiloe mamatey veliginchey…

(Has ignited the feelings)

Naa vennu dannai nilachi

(He is always trying to cozy up with me and be a helping hand)

Naa sandhita valapula baasalu kuripinchey….

(He always tries to please me)

Madhi tega murisay…

(My heart is pleased with him)

Tada badi aduge…. yelo…

(My feet falter seeing him)

Yeda laya nilichey…yilaa


(My heart is acknowledging him)

Aashey naaloe poochey tanu todu needai naatho


(He is giving me the hope of a brighter tomorrow )


Aaa kaa shaa laa

Thee raa laa

(I am swooning in air for now)

Neetho sudhoora teeram

(Looks like this might go a long way)

Saagaalaney Ee yathnam..

(Looks like that’s the motto)

Ayyindi nedu saphalam..

(And the sankalp)

Lokaalanni deevincheyangaa…

(Looks like that’s the divine wish too)

Maenaalo kaliki raagaa…

( Bride’s coming in a chariot )

Mogindi pelli baajaa…

(All the pomp and hue begins)

Vooru vaadaa pooley jalli

(At last, the wishes come true and the whole communities from both sides dance and revel… )

Aadee paadey naeday sandhadigaa…

Listen to the song on Youtube.

Song Credits:

Singer: Rupali Moghe

Song Composed by: Amar Khandha

Written by: Vishwa

Label: The Wedding Filmer








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