Faith – The Trailer

July 21, 2017


There’s an unsaid rule in the world, that if something can happen, it will. Quite ironically it is these encounters that end up shaping most of our lives. No man or woman has ever had a plan and played just along that in their course of time. If that had been the case, we would have never known what serendipity feels like. The uplifting feeling of stumbling upon something truly wonderful, especially when you’re looking for something entirely unrelated.

For somebody who spent a childhood being raised close to her cultural roots, in a land that was furthest from it; familiarity came in the face of a man who was just as amazed at their newfound connection.

A few meetings, long conversations, some messages exchanged, and they knew they had found love. It all sounds a little too simple and hard to believe, but that’s where the beauty lies. Sometimes it’s the littlest things that affect us in the strongest of ways.

Here’s the leap of faith that Inder & Simran took after they met one night by fate.
Adelaide, Australia, 2016

Created By: The Wedding Filmer
Captured By: Abhijit Dutta, Sudip Sengupta, Vishal Punjabi
Line Producer: Neha Sharma
Grips: Aditya Khanna
Editor: Rahul Gulabani
Assistant Editor: Jenish Maru
Colorist: Stuti Babbar
Sound: Abhinav Agnihotri

Music Credits:
Music Composer: Sagar Desai
Singer: Raghav Meattle, Gaurav Chopra, Nimisha Shankar
Lyrics: Manoj Yadav
Sound Engineer: Gaurav Chopra
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