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April 12, 2017


What happens when you take a camera built to shoot weddings 30 meters underwater?

We recently took the Sony RX100V along with a Sony Underwater Housing and no lights just to test the limits of this camera.

It is interesting to play around with HFR in a world that’s already in slow motion. Because of the strong blues and greens underwater, the red has to be kicked up in the colour filters. We shot this video on the PP7 picture mode which allows colour modification in post without losing any detail.

You will notice that 3 shots in the video are taken with a GoPro. The difference is quite easily visible when paired with the Sony RX100V which allows better control over exposure, focus and visuals overall.

Shot over a series of 12 dives, Lakshadweep truly holds some of the most stunning corals in India. Located off the coast of Kerala, Lakshadweep is a dry state but there is still plenty to keep one occupied. The beaches are unendingly beautiful and you could easily spend a night just stargazing and watching the sun rise from the end of the horizon.

Do remember to check out Orca, headed by Anees Adenwala who spearheads the biggest and best underwater productions in the country if you plan on going diving to Lakshadweep.



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