Bottom of the Sea

February 2, 2017


Ask anyone what their dream job is and most of the answers would have the word ‘travel’ somewhere. Having a job that lets you travel is one thing, but to pursue your passion which then takes you to across the globe is a whole other feeling. While we regularly share our wedding trailers with you, here’s an excerpt from Vishal Punjabi’s personal travels while diving amongst the flora and fauna of the eastern corals. From the deep ocean floors to the gorgeous life underwater, Vishal has put together just about everything that frames the morning as well as the night sea beautifully. If after watching this you are motivated to pack your bags and hit the sea, do it already! Climate change is real, the corals may not be as flourished in the future and seeing as how Mr. Donald Trump does not believe in climate change, it may as well be the near future.

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