Bipasha & Karan’s Wedding Trailer

April 30, 2017


Finding love is difficult. And if you are a celebrated figure, admired by all and living with a camera almost always pointed at you, it can be even more so. The line between love and admiration becomes very thin, sometimes indistinguishable. But then comes a person who breaks this barrier, walks across the line to prove that their love is more than just a distant marvel.

Habit and experience may have taught you not to believe everything you see or hear; but the mind can’t refuse what the heart already feels. It only remains a matter of opening yourself to this love. To accept and take in, to step in without knowing, to risk being vulnerable. And you wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t for the passionate, unwavering, wholehearted, larger-than-life feeling of love, would you? Finding the one leaves you with nothing but gratitude. Gratitude for the life you’ve lived, the person you’ve met and the companionship that makes everything ten folds better.

Bipasha & Karan’s wedding was a high ride of emotions, happiness and warmth from all directions. Nothing adds to the celebration like a happy bride and a groom who makes the promise of keeping her that way! Watch the trailer above featuring the song ‘Arziyaan’, an exclusive new Hindi TWF cover of the song ‘I Get To Love You’ by Ruelle, and let us know what you think 🙂

Executive Producer: Neha Sharma
Line Producer: Siddhi Kanakia
Captured by: Hojo, Gnanam Subramaniam, Sheetal Mallar, Vikas Manipalle, Juhii Gopalakishnan, Vishal Punjabi, Kashinath Sanagare
Grips: Satish Ambekar
Edited by: Vishal Punjabi
Color Grading: Dilshad Nanji (Black box)
Sound Design: Gaurav Chopra
Arziyaan performed by Devangi Chopra

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